Vaimo Nordics

I work primarily on the web frontend building ecommerce storefronts.

2013 - 2016: Frontend Developer

I worked initially as a Frontend Developer and later as Lead Frontend Developer in various projects. I acted generally as our frontend lead during the initial growth period of the company and supported our other frontend developers. In this capacity I later also took up the responsibility of evaluating our frontend candidates and assisting in the recruitment process.

2016 - 2019: Team Lead and Frontend Developer

Retaining my previous duties I transitioned into the role of Team Lead where my responsibilities now included managing my team’s workload as a scrum master. Together with other team leads and managers our focus was on improving our work processes and work environment and evolving the role of team lead. On the development side I focused on my primary projects, supporting also external developers and advocated for the adoption of React and PWA frontends across the company.

2019 - Present: Developer

After a few years of multitasking between my various responsibilities it was time for a renewed focus on development. I'm primarily supporting select key clients by implementing new features and improvements and by helping coordinate the development work.

Some of the projects I've worked on:

Nutty Pixel

Freelance. Web projects and miscellaneus graphical work.

2008 - 2013: Various client projects, most of which are no longer online.

2013 - Present: Nutty Pixel serves as a creative outlet for my personal projects.

Other work


Timers.js is a time tracking web app for mobile. Built in pure Javascript and SASS.